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About Sa Farmacia

"Sa Farmacia is magic, passion, taste, color, family; it is history in an intimate and special location, and we want to share this with all of you."

©Andreas Schumacher Photography 

Who are we?

Family owned, Sa Farmacia is a new project brought to you by the original owners of the long-loved beach kiosk "Piratabus". 

The kiosk was founded in 1971 and upheld for now 50 years by owner Edith, chief manager Sven, wife Ilka and two kids, Moritz and Paula. 

As a family, we have always loved to spread joy and comfort to others through what we know best: presenting excellent food and drinks to those around us. 

This is how Sa Farmacia came to be; a restaurant that combines a high level cuisine experience with a comforting, family-like environment. A place at which you can relax, sit back and be in the company of those you value most. 

Expect an original, creative menu inspired by both classic mediterranean and asian cooking styles, as well as french, peruvian and italian influence, which caters to all. 

Playa es Arenals or Playa de Mitjorn view from above. Blue waters and the natural reserve are visible

©Andreas Schumacher Photography 

All about quality...

Piece of meat delivered to San Francisco at our grill at the restaurant Sa Farmacia

At Sa Farmacia, we believe that fresh, high-quality products are not only the key to a beautiful meal, but also a crucial factor in the representation of who we are and what we stand for. 

All of our ingredients are of the best quality, and we try to use local products in every way possible in order to assure you get fresh, clean food every time, as well as taking care of our environment and community. 

trypical fishing boat infront of Es Vedra. A classic fisherman from the island brings us our fresh fish everyday for the restaurant at San Francisco
©Andreas Schumacher Photography

Our meat and fish products are very special. We work closely with the best sellers in Spain to both assure that you only get the best and most special cuts of meat, and that every animal is living a high-quality life. From dry-aged steak to juicy, light cuts, we have something for everyone. 

Most of our fish is caught right here on the island by our skilled fishermen, whom are wary of overfishing and respect our islands complex ecosystems. Formentera's "posidonia" (seaweed) fields are crucial to our ecosystem's health; we therefore try to protect it in every way possible. 

Team Picture of Sa Farmacia San francisco Formentera

From left to right, bottom row: Joshua Vargas (head waiter), Ilka Heinrich (hostess and co-owner), Nicolas More (head chef), Pascual Hernandez "El Pirata" (founder and owner of Piratabus)

From left to right, top row: Moritz Heinrich (somelier and manager), Cristian Darío Peco (sous-chef), Edith Schneck (co-owner and owner of Piratabus), Sven Heinrich (owner, manager and manager of Piratabus).


©Andreas Schumacher Photography 

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